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[Notice] Items for secondary battery field.

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Dear Valuable customers.

To meet keep on growing demand of secondary battery field items, P&M incorporated had prepared correspondingitems of secondary battery field products as belows.

Features of products for secondary battery field.

1) Usage restriction of materials for copper(Cu) and Zinc(Zn) :  Suppress of defect by preventation of scattering for Cu and Zn particles. 
2) Improvement of chemical resistance : Increase of chemical resistance by electroless Nickel plating on the surface of steel. 

- Remarks -
■ Basically we restrict usage of Cu and Zn however depend on the character of products, small amount of Cu and Zn could be used inside of product.
   - The used part would be used inside of product where not related with scattering of dust or particles.
 We using carbon steel with hard chrome plated material for the some of piston rod cylinder inside. As this reason, for the some part of metal processing surface, plating might be removed.
 For the special items highly required precision, the guide part would not be plated for the purpose of precision movement.
 Rusty surface could be occurred depend on the using environment. 
   - If you want to change the material by Stainless Steel which hard to be rusty, we would correspond it by customizing service. Please contact to office for similar case.
 Certain purchased components such as PCB of electronic parts, Motor, would be used copper materials.
 In the case of hard to find replaceable material or hard to change for the performance, Cu and Zn could be used.

   For the details, please contact to office without any hesitation.

How to Order

 External whole dimension is exactly same with standard item.
 You can order it by adding initial "E" at the end of order number.

Ex) For the ordering of PH01-25A

  Standard item  : PH01-25A

  Secondary battery field  : PH01-25A-E

■ The available products are updated on the website catalogue for each products. We recommend to you to discuss about it before apply. 

For the details, please contact to office directly.

Moving toward the world with the best technology, P&M Incorporated.