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[Notice] New Product 2021 update!

관리자 2021-04-22 18:45:33 Views 1,599


Dear valuable customers.

New product 2021 has updated on the website and web library.



Item Name : PPU-CV Series [Direct Link]


  • Protection of pick up cylinder from external dust and absent substance.
  • Prevention of dust scattering on the operation.


Item Name : PPU-F Series [Direct Link] 


  • High precision guide applied pick up cylinder with 7.8mm thickness.
  • Optimized for the Auto Pitch Changer application.


Item Name : PDLM Series [Direct Link]


  • Auto pitch changer of Specialized high precision link structure.
  • Servo Motor Embedded structure for space utility. (Servo motor supplied without option select) 


Item Name : PSB Series [Direct Link] 


  • Innovative design table cylinder which is precision guide located in the cylinder body.
  • Stopper bolt for controlling forward stroke supplied free.


Item Name : PH26 Series [Direct Link]


  • Water and Dust proof general hand with IP Level 67.
  • Smooth operation and stable gripping force by Crank Lever structure.

Any question, please contact to office without any hesitation.

For more detailed information, please download individual catalogue at the web library.

We will be your best partner with endless research and development.

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