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P&M Incorporated ) News Letter for January, 2022

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Greeting from P&M Incorporated

Happy New Year 2022! 

I wish everything you do can make greatful success! 

This News Letter contains secondary battery field which is critical component for electric vehicle.



            Chapter 1. Actuator for Secondary Battery Field           


Structure diagram of PFTG Model and materials for exposed to outside.


    • Usage of Cu and Zn could be the reason of interruption to Electrolyte depend on the material of electrode materials.
    • The product of P&M for secondary battery field not use Cu and Zn based material.


    ※ The trace amount of Cu and Zn which used for improve material character could be exist.

    • Nickel plating(Cu based plating) and Zinc plating not applied.


    ※  However, electroless nickel plating is applied.


          Chapter 2. Handler components of P&M Incorporated        


    Introduction for General hand which is one of the critical component to handling secondary battery.




             Chapter 3. Line-Up for Secondary Battery Field         

    Standard items for secondary battery field application.

    Click on image for detailed information web page.


    * Web library is updating now. Some of items are shown as not available options even though it could be produced.

    * For the not available options, please contact to office.

    * It will be updated on by one and will be finished before May, 2022. Your kindness understanding appreciated.






     PFT Series

     PSK Series 

    PFTG Series

    PT Series

    SW-N Series






     PBM-N Series

    SC Series

    ST-L Series

    PSB Series

    SD Series






    PH01-A Series

    PH02 Series

    PH05 Series

    PH14-CL Series

    PH15-CL Series






    PH06 Series

    PPC Series

    PPU-B Series

    PRC Series

    PRC-S Series

    Except listed products, we can supply customize service for secondary battery field application.

    Please contact to office for more detailed usage conditions and requirements. We promise to supply best solution to customer.



    We hope to meet valuable customer on the next news with more variaty and worthable news.

    Your kind and warmful attention would be appreciated.

    New Product - PH06-L2
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