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What kinds of sensors can be applied on the P&M products?

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P&M Incorporated recommend to apply position sensors which sensing and feedback the actuator position to controller system for more staible usage.

According to various item range and installation, characters, we supplying various range of sensor lineup to customer.

1. Magnetic Sensor

 - Magnetic sensor detect the magnetic gauss of magnet inside of actuator. 

 - Depend on the character of components inside sensor, it classified by connection type sensor(Diode type) and non-connection type sensor(Transistor type). 

 - For non-connection type, standard model is NPN transistor type. If you need for PNP type, please contact to office.

     [Magnetic Sensor] 


 Sensing type and component.


 PRO-A Series

 Connention, Diode inside.

 External magnetic make connection of thin reed in the vacuum tube and this short circuit generating signal by flowing of current.

 Relatively inexpensive supply price.

 PRO-B Series

 Non connection, Transitor inside.

 Transistor inside in the head of sensor, generating output signal when it making short circuit. 

 Less failure and miss rate and semi permanent lifetime.

2. Proximity Sensor

 - Proximity sensor generates signal by detecting the distance between the surface of metal and sensing head.

 - Transistor inside the sensor and depend on the customer's circuit system, we can supply NPN or PNP type.

    [Proximity Sensor] 


 Sensing type and component.



 Non Connecting type.

 Transistor inside.

 Sensing metal substance in 1mm distance. Typical type for main body length 32mm.


 Non Connecting type.

 Transistor inside.

 Sensing metal substance in 1mm distance. 

 Short body type for body length 16mm to avoid interfere around struction..

3. Micro Photo Sensor

 - Micro sensor has two parts of light receiver and light sendor between 10mm or less. 

 - Normally current always on and sensing the light but the dog, which is used for generate signal, located between it sensor generate signal to controller.

 - It has various type for many kinds of interfere case, many option types for customer installation purpose. 

     [Micro photo sensor]


 Sensing type and component.



 Non Connecting type.

 Transistor inside.

 Suitable for the environment which hard to detect magnetic.

 Semi permanent usage.

More detailed information which is explained applicable sensors for each items is uploaded on the web library.

Please refer cautions and technical information for more details. (Direct link : Web library Auto Switch)

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