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I cannot download drawing files due to login problem.

관리자 2021-04-22 18:08:27 Views 1,164
P&M Incorporated serves web-library system easy access and download for 2D and 3D drawing files and individual catalogues for the convenience of valuable customer.

Joining as new member and login on the website is needed for download drawing files and catalogues.

However, for the Internet Explorer of Microsoft is not available now as the login problem.
 - P&M Incorporated operating not only website but also web-library for download of drawing files. Once you login on the website, you will be login on the web-library also.
 - When you access website by the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, it is hard to access web-library due to the synchronization problem of login between website and web-library.

For the best use of website and web-library of P&M Incorporated, we are recommend to access through Microsoft Edge or Chrome as web browser.

Please contact to us without any hesitation for more inquiry and question by following contacts.

E-mail : 

Office : 032-822-9183

Fax : 032-822-9182

We promise the fastest reply to minimize waiting time of valuable customers.

Moving toward the world with the best technology, P&M Incorporated.