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Terms of service

Article 1. Purpose.
The purpose of this terms and conditions (Calls “TOS”) is to defining using conditions and steps, other requires of website which is supplied by P&M Incorporated (Calls “Company”).
Article 2. Validity and revision of this terms.
  1. 1. TOS have validity by announcement to members.
  2. 2. The details of TOS will be posted on the service page of website, if TOS has any revision, it will be announced by online notification of company.
  3. 3. Company may revise TOS if it deemed necessary, revised TOS have validity same way of Article 1.
Article 3. Rules outside of terms and conditions.
  1. 1. This TOS will apply with other conditions which have validity such as using conditions of Company supplying service and other conditions.
  2. 2. If any condition which not listed on this TOS defined on the relevant laws or guidance, laws and guidance would be priority.
Article 4. Definition.
Definition of terms used in this condition means
  1. 1. “User” refers to individual and/or company whom access this website and be served services which supplied this website according to this TOS.
  2. 2. “Join” refers to the certain acts of sign up which complete service contract agree with this TOS by submission of join letter form provided by company.
  3. 3. “Member” refers the user who registered this website by submission of individual and/or company information to website, can access and use the website newest information and services.
  4. 4. “ID” refers the combination of letters and/or number be suggested by member and approved by company for identify member and use of service.
  5. 5. “Password” refers the combination of letters and/or number selected by the member for verifying whether member matched with member’s ID and for protect his/her confidentiality in communication.
  6. 6. “Member withdrawal” refers the action to end this TOS by member.
  7. 7. Other words which not defined this TOS will be defined at individual service terms and/or using conditions.
Article 5. Membership Qualification and application for use.
  1. 1. Join membership will be completed by user’s agreement of this TOS with registration procedure which is provided and required by company.
  2. 2. Company serves free ID to new members when he/she join as members, and new member have to applicate as real name.
  3. 3. Member registration will be completed by acceptance of use by company of user registration request and agreement of TOS
  4. 4. After registration as new members, website shows complete of registration to qualified members by online screen.
Article 6. Lost and withdrawal of members qualification.
  1. 1. Membership may be restricted or suspended in the case of the following reasons.
    1. A. Applicated not real name such as fake, stolen or others.
    2. B. Applicated fake filled up contents of applicant or submission of false documents.
    3. C. Applicated for bad purpose such as bad effect on society well-being or regulations.
    4. D. Interrupt to other members to using this service or bad action such as steal any information.
    5. E. In the case of doing the prohibited action by this TOS and laws using this website.
    6. F. Other conditions such as inadequate of application requirement set by company.
Article 7. Supply and use of service.
  1. 1. The use of this service time principle is 24 hours without any breaking days except special reasons such as business and/or technical problems.
  2. 2. Company may suspend service in the case of following terms
    1. A. In the exceptional cases for system maintenance.
    2. B. When telecommunication business operator who stipulated in the Telecommunication Business Act suspend their services.
    3. C. When other reasons occurred that company cannot supply service.
  3. 3. The service which company serves refers following terms, notify to members any revision of service and can serve with revised terms.
    1. A. Website (Terms and conditions for use)
    2. B. Every supplied service developed by own and/or cooperation with other contracted company.
Article 8. Agreement of individual information usage.
  1. 1. Individual information of member will be applied companies’ individual information protection policy.
  2. 1. Individual information of member will be applied companies’ individual information protection policy.
    1. A. Collection of individual information : Company may collect your individual information from applicant for membership, community activities, applicant for certain events, advertisement or acquisition of prizes ways.
    2. B. Use of individual information : Company may not pass or open the individual information of member to third party without approval. However, this is not the case if it is required from national agency in accordance with laws such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications, if there is a criminal investigation purpose, a request from the Information Communication Ethics Committee, or a request in accordance with the procedures stipulated by other relevant laws, or if you disclose the personal information provided to us by yourself.
    3. C. Treatment of individual information : Members can revise or delete the individual information of member at the information of members in website for the purpose of protect and control frequently if him/her want it.
    4. D. Protection of individual information : The individual information of member only can be revised/opened/deleted by member his/himself and it treating based on ID and Password only. As this reason, member should not other people be known about it. After finish your working, make sure log-out and shut down web browser. (It is highly required for using computer sharing public space such as internet café, library to protect your individual information.)
    5. E. Etc : You should be recognize your individual information what you open to others by your willing on website board or email could be collected by other persons.
  3. 3. To applying to use this website according to this TOS refers the member had agreed company to collecting/using of him/her individual information which is listed on the applicant documents.
Article 9. Secure of individual information.
  1. 1. From the moment that applicant completes the members join progress, member has responsibility to maintaining the confidential information and member is responsible for all of consequences arising from the use of ID and Password.
  2. 2. All of responsibility of administration for ID and Password is on member and member should report to company immediately if his/her found that ID and Password used for incorrect way.
  3. 3. Member should do log off for every using of company service after his/her working finish. Company not have any responsibility for any problem caused by incorrect terminating access to service such as the third party taken his/her individual information and any loss and damage arising from it.
Article 10. Information supplying and advertisement posting.
  1. 1. Company can supply and post variety advertisement to website while operating service.
  2. 2. Company can post advertisement for the purpose of operating service on the website and email.
Article 11. Copyright of posting submitted on this website.
  1. 1. All of copyright of posted on this website is on the member.
  2. 2. Company has the right of revise/move without advanced notification of posted article, furthermore might remove for following matters.
    1. A. Post violated of this TOS or the posting has commercial purpose or obscene, illegal, sleaze kind posting.
    2. B. Post contains to the purpose of damage on the honor by slanting and/or blames to another member or third party.
    3. C. Violate for public order and fine custom and morals.
    4. D. Related and/or be recognized with crime things.
    5. E. Infringed to copyright of third party or other rights.
    6. F. Posted by withdrawal members.
    7. G. Other post of violated for social related legal.
  3. 3. All responsibilities of civil and criminal suits arising any post which interruption of the third party or others copyrights on the Members.
Article 12. Duties and responsibility of Company.
  1. 1. Ownership of Service and operating are on Company.
  2. 2. Company cannot open, release, disclosure Members individual information obtained for service registration to others without advance agreement and cannot use it for not related with service such as commercial purpose. However, related for the law and regulation and/or investigation purpose cases are exceptional.
Article 13. Duties of Members.
  1. 1. Members should observe the company controlling matters such as this TOS, caution and manual, should not go anything which interrupt company business and other things.
  2. 2. Member cannot do any commercial purpose activity using this service without advanced agreement with Company
  3. 3. Member cannot use the information obtained by service such as copy, reproduce, modification, translation, publication, broadcast and other ways or provide it to third party without advanced agreement.
  4. 4. Member should not do followings on using the Company offering service.
    1. A. Unfair usage of another member’s ID.
    2. B. Any activities having the purposes for crime or crime related things.
    3. C. Violation to public order and morals.
    4. D. Any activities to damage or insult to other person’s honor.
    5. E. Any activities to interfering the other person’s intellectual and other rights.
    6. F. Any activities to spreading computer virus or hacking.
    7. G. Any activities to sending advertisement information against the willing of other person.
    8. H. Modification of the information posted this website.
    9. I. Any activities interfering to stable operating of this website or might to be that.
    10. J. Any activities violating with laws and regulations.
Article 14. Change of Member information.
  1. 1. Member should inform and change for the change of individual information such as address and email address and others by website.
  2. 2. All of responsibility caused by not informing and changing of individual information for the changes of Members is on the Member and it might be the reason of suspending of service or lost of membership qualification.
Article 15. Removal of post or attachment.
Company can remove the service post or attachment without advanced notification for violation of TOS or passed the posting period.
Article 16. Termination of contract and restriction on use.
  1. 1. If Member want to terminate for the contract, Member should submit of it to Company by via email or service before 1(one) day to be terminated. (However, if terminated day is public holiday, before 2(two) days from public holiday.)
  2. 2. Company can terminate the service contract if Member violate this TOS but not terminating this TOS during certain days.
  3. 3. Company can restrict or suspend using this service to the Member who violated this TOS without advance notification.
  4. 4. Company has the right of termination of contract and suspend of using service to the any activities for illegal and violated usage of this TOS.
Article 17. Compensation for damage.
Company has not any responsibility to the loss or damage on Members related with Company free offering service except gross negligence.
Article 18. Indemnification clause.
  1. 1. Company is exempt from the responsibility to service suspended for the force majeure or similar with force majeure cases.
  2. 2. Company is exempt from the responsibility to service problem caused by Member’s faulty.
  3. 3. Company would not indemnification from any loss of Member by obtained information to using this service.
  4. 4. Company is exempt from the responsibility to the reliability or accuracy of information providing through the service network by Company.
  5. 5. Company is exempt from the responsibility for the post or sent information from Member.
Additional Article 1. Effective date of TOS
1. This TOS will be effect from Feb.01, 2021.